Early Life

Shovansundar Bosu was born in Midnapore town. Now it is West Midnapore district town. The freshness in his talented creativity and interest in culture perhaps has its roots in the family itself. One and only son of Shibasundar and Anita, Shovansundar is the scion of a family that presented to Bengal the likes of Rishi Raj Narayan Bosu,  architects of Renaissance in Bengal Khudiram Bosu and Satyen Bosu, the fiery revolutionaries who became martyrs. Rishi Raj Narayan Bosu was the elder brother of the great grandfather of Shovansundar, Khudiram Bosu was the disciple of Satyen Bosu and stayed at Shovansundar’s ancestral house till the last day before his leaving for his revolutionary mission at Muzaffarpur.

Shovansundar’s father Shibasundar Bosu remained a pioneer in Bengal for establishing an institution for upliftment and cultivation of the art of Recitation, Poetries, Voice Modulation and Articulation. His institution Swara-Abritti at Midnapore in Midnapore Town is one of the most reckoned institution in West Bengal.

 In fact even at his young age Shovansundar has been blessed and inspired with close association with the greats like Pete Seeger, the world famous humanist, revolutionist and singer of America, Benjamin Zephanaiah, Britain’s famous  poetry performer, along with many legendary poets, authors, celebrities and political leaders and activists of West Bengal and Bangladesh.

BBC had broadcasted his recitation of Tagore’s poem in the year 1987 from London, at his early age. Mr. Dipankar Ghosh and Mr. Jhon Renor, the then head of BBC Bengali section visited Shovansundar’s ancestral house and recorded his voice.

Mr. Geraldine Colinge, Director of  ‘Apples and Snakes’ the London based organisation for stretching the boundaries of poetry in education and performance, visited the city in 2004 for taking interview of Shovansundar and interacted with his creation recitation Band or poetry performance Band ‘Brishti’ through British Council of India.